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Biagetti S.r.l. with its registered office in Via Faentina 105, 48123 Ravenna (RA), member of the ‘repertorio delle attività economiche REA’ n. RA – 191606, C.F. / P. IVA n. 02323620399 (“Biagetti” and/or “us”), is the “official retailer” for prestigious Italian and international brands of objects and furniture. For further information, please refer to the List of Producers.

The showroom and design store open to the public, marked by the sign “Biagetti Design Store” and managed by Biagetti, are located in Via Faentina 105, 48123 Ravenna (RA).

These General Sales Conditions (the “General Sales Conditions”) regulate the Biagetti sales through the use of the website (“”) to each user (“you”) , of the objects and furniture of prestigious brands of Italian and international design, for which Biagetti is the “official retailer”, so-called “outlets” – or those objects and furniture which have been discontinued and no longer feature in the catalogue, are unique models, or they are currently, or have been in the past, on show in the Biagetti Design Store (“the products”).


On, you can purchase products both if you are the “consumer” (or better the actual person who buys goods for reasons outside of enterprise, commercial, artisanal or professional reasons) and if you are a “professional” (or better, the actual or authorised person that purchases products for enterprise, commercial, artisanal or professional reasons, for example in the case of a freelancer buying products for their studio or company which purchase products for their own offices.
Either as the consumer or as the professional, you are not authorised for any reason to purchase products on with the purpose of resale to a third party, both by internet and within commercial premises; furthermore you are not authorised to carry out distribution of the products to third parties.

Biagetti does not therefore hold responsibility towards the manufacturers or other authorised subjects, should you undertake an unauthorised activity. Biagetti reserves the right to refuse or not execute a purchase order for products should they need to verify if those orders have been made in order to undertake one of the previously-mentioned unauthorised activities.


For any information about purchasing products on, refer to the Customer Care section.

Our Customer Care Service is at your complete disposal for any enquiry or question regarding the purchase of products on and in relation to every aspect of the General Sales Conditions. Contact Customer Care at the following email address:


You can only buy ‘outlet’ products on the website, those objects or furniture that have been discontinued and no longer feature in the catalogue, those that are unique models, or those that are currently, or have been in the past, on show in the Biagetti Design Store. Specific characteristics of the products and the conditions of preservation in the showrooms of the Biagetti Design Stores are indicated in the sheets relating to each product (“Product Information Sheets”). These Product Information sheets also show the possible deformities of the products compared to ordinary standards.


To make a purchase order for one or more products, it is not necessary for you to be registered on our website. You may make a purchase order by following the indications which appear during the electronic process on . If you order a product, the contract is concluded once Biagetti receives your purchase order, according to the following instructions.
Before sending the purchase order, please check that all the indicated fields have been completed correctly; so as to find and correct any incorrect information. You may modify your information, such as your name, and surname, residence and address, shipping address, credit card number at any time before confirmation and sending of the purchase order.
Receipt of the purchase order will be sent to the email address you provided with the following information, all under the same Order Number: General Sales Conditions, our Privacy Policy, essential information relative to the purchased product, a detailed breakdown of the price and delivery costs, of IVA* and other applicable fees, an indication of payment methods. and your right to return. Once the Purchase Order has been confirmed and sent to you, you may print the receipt. In the case you are not a registered user on our website, you will automatically receive a User ID and temporary password by email, which you may modify by accessing our website and it will allow you to verify the status of your purchase orders. For any enquiry or information, you may contact the Customer Care Service at the above telephone number or email address.

Each purchase order is dealt with within 30 days from the day after receipt of the same. Biagetti reserves the right, but assumes no obligation, to verify the information contained in the purchase order before dealing with it. We do not deal with purchase orders with missing or incorrect information or for products which cannot be purchased because of insufficient funds in the current bank account or on the credit card indicated on the purchase order. In these cases, you will be contacted by the email address or telephone number provided within the above-mentioned 30 days to inform you of the reasons why the order could not be processed.

Biagetti will not process purchase orders for products which are not available, even only temporarily, in our warehouses or at the Biagetti Design Stores. In this case, within the above-mentioned 30 days, we will give you appropriate and timely notice via the email address or telephone number provided in the purchase order.

Biagetti will contextually refund the monies paid for unavailable products. You may, in any case, request the monies be paid towards another product by writing to the Customer Care Service at the following email address:

You may access your order at any time using your User ID and password, or by contacting the Customer Care Service at

Biagetti can only accept purchase orders from Italy (including San Marino and the Vatican City) and to be processed in Italy (including San Marino and the Vatican City), including delivery of purchased products. For more information, please refer to the Customer Care section.


All prices should be considered as IVA* included and other applicable fees, excluding the delivery costs of the products. The price of each product could be lower than that of the price communicated to the public when referring to outlet products.

The price of each product could consist in variable reduction between 10% and 70% compared to the price communicated to the public. This is not a discount. When discounts are made, they will be documented on the Product Information sheet, indicating the current discounted price together with the full price (IVA* included as previously and other applicable fees excluding the shipping costs). Furthermore, Biagetti will always communicate any particular offers or promotions on the products sold via the website while they are available.


You may pay for any product and delivery costs in the following ways:

(a) via bank transfer to bank account number (the bank details will be communicated by email on completion of the order)

(b) via the PayPal® platform and payment by credit card. In these cases, accepted cards are Via, Mastercard, AMEX, PayPal®, Postepay and Carta Aura. It is not necessary to have a PayPal® account to make payment.

Once your purchase has been completed, you will automatically be redirected to the website.

For further information on payment methods, please consult the Customer Care section of our website.

Should you decide to make payment via Paypal or by credit card, the relative information (for example. Credit card number, card holder, expiry date, security code) will be managed directly by Paypal on their secure platform. Biagetti does not have access to this information. The product price and shipping costs are debited from your bank account at the end of the electronic payment procedure. Paypal will inform you of the positive or negative outcome of the transaction via email. Should your account not have sufficient funds, it will not be possible to complete the transaction and therefore the order.

Bank transfers can take between 1 and 3 days to receive. The purchase process will be confirmed once receipt of payment has been verified, after which Biagetti will send confirmation of acceptance of the Purchase Order.

You will receive the payment invoice via email or on delivery of the products.


The terms and conditions of delivery of products and the relative costs are indicated in the Customer Care section.

Delivery will only take place on weekdays (between Monday and Friday), excluding holidays. Products purchased on the website will be delivered at the location indicated on the purchase order via express courier and specialised transportation.

Shipping costs are your responsibility, as confirmed in the purchase order and are calculated on the basis of weight, volume and destination of the purchased products. The calculation is done automatically during the order process and when adding products to ‘cart’. Such shipping costs are applied on the basis that the transport of the goods is complete at the ground floor of the correct building number indicated on the purchase order, accessible to modes of transport and excludes portering to and assembly within the correct house or office, the removal of packaging and the assembly of the purchased product. For any information, please email us at

On reciept of the products, we request that you immediately check the condition of the packaging and the products contained within. If the package is visibly damaged on arrival, we would ask you to cite the reservation on the delivery document which the courier/transporter should sign as “accepted with reservation” and send a copy to the Customer Care Service by email ( This allows us to work quickly to substitute your product, or to refund you for the full cost incurred.

For further information, please refer to our Client Services on our website or contact the Customer Care Service by email:


You have the right to withdraw from purchase of the product, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within ten working days (10 days) after receipt of the goods. Within this time, you may exercise your right to withdraw in written communication (“Returns Notice”) which should be sent to Biagetti S.r.l., Via Faentina 105, 48123 Ravenna (RA) by Special Delivery requiring signature on receipt.

The Returns Notice can also be sent, by the same deadline, by email to or fax on 0544.500034, on the condition that the Returns Notice is addressed to Biagetti S.r.l. Via Faentina 105, 48123, Ravenna (RA) and is confirmed by Special Delivery requiring signature on receipt within the following 48 hours.

After Biagetti has received your Returns Notice:

(a) You must return the purchased product to our warehouse in Via Faentina 105, 48123 Ravenna (RA), at your cost and using a trustworthy courier who you have instructed personally, within 10 working days from the date in which you received each purchased product. In this case, you are responsible for the loss or damage of goods until the same products are received at our warehouse. In terms of expiry date of the above-mentioned timescale, once the product has been handed over to the courier, the product is considered to be returned. The substantial integrity of the returned product (or the conformity with the original state as was delivered by Biagetti at the correct place indicated on the order form, complete with the original packaging and all documentation attached – for example the Certificate of Origin of the product) is conditional on the successful return of the product. The only expenses requested of you in your right to return are those linked to the return of the product to Biagetti.

(b) if your right to return conforms with the requests of this section, Biagetti is only subject to refund the cost of the product(s) purchased, exclusive of delivery costs which remain your responsibility. The refund will be carried out free of charge, in the shortest time possible and in any case within 30 days from the date in which Biagetti knew about your request for return. The costs will be reimbursed within the timeline if they are effectively repaid, sent or, re-credited with a value date not subsequent to the deadline indicated in the previously stated terms..


The products sold on the websute comply with the description given in the Product Information Sheet and have the qualities specific to “outlet” products, or those objects and furniture which have been discontinued and no longer feature in the catalogue, are unique models, or they are currently, or have been in the past, on show in the Biagetti Design Store. The characteristics of the purchased products on are indicated on the Production Information Sheet, that you would be advised to carefully read in that it may contain information which does not comply with objects of a similar type. Generally, we are not responsible for the installation of products. In the case in which the manufacturer has designed the product to be personally/individually installed. you are requested to carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Not all products come with the Certificate of Origin issued by the manufacturer; furthermore the product may not be covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee referring to so-called ‘outlet’ products. In the case in which the product shows an unclear lack of compliance either because they were not noted on the Product Information Sheet, or because you were not informed of them during the sale, or at the latest, on delivery of the product, you may attempt legal remedies and in particular, if you are a consumer, the legal remedies foreseen by Article 130 and those following, of the Consumer Code. We note that the substitution of products will not always be possible, for example when referring to unique models or discontinued products. Apart from the above-mentioned cases, you may request that a product be replaced by another of the same type or you may return the product and be refunded for the full price paid. For further information on product guarantees, please contact the Customer Care Service at


Please refer to our Privacy Policy for information on how your personal information will be handled by Biagetti when they receive it. The Privacy Policy forms an integral and substantial part of the General Sales Conditions. With your acceptance of these General Sales Conditions during the electronic order process, you confirm to have seen the Privacy Policy and that you know how the information is handled.


The General Sales Conditions, including our Privacy Policy, can periodically be updated by Biagetti. You would be advised to refer to the Legal Area section of for information about these updates of General Sales Conditions and of the Privacy Policy. These were last updated on 01/03/2011.


Our website may contain links to other sites which are not managed or controlled by Biagetti. Before connecting to those sites, we advise you to carefully read the conditions of use and their privacy policy before sending any personal information. Biagetti is not responsible for the contents of these sites, nor for how your personal information is handled.


These General Sales Conditions are regulated by Italian Law.